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Navigating a global pandemic and its effects on our local communities is new territory for most of us. But for nonprofits, who are uniquely positioned to help their target demographics thrive, the COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique challenge. Luckily, most nonprofit leaders, fueled by unwavering passion and a desire to do good, see this as an opportunity.

To say nonprofit organizations are leading the fight for humanity when public health is at stake is an understatement. During a time when the economy and, as a result, private and public resources are more strained than ever, nonprofit organizations are at the front lines serving their communities.

How Nonprofits are Leading the Charge During COVID-19

Chances are, you or someone you know have been positively impacted by this vital work. And if you’ve watched or read the news lately, you’ve likely witnessed the work of a nonprofit. One way nonprofit organizations are faced with extra work during this time is fielding donations to allocate resources to individuals and communities in need. You know all those celebrities’ major donations toward pandemic relief efforts? Regardless of what celebrity, politician, or person of influence is giving a donation right now, they are giving through a nonprofit organization.

Many organizations are also implementing new programs to assist their communities with COVID-19 testing, education, and supplies. To add another layer of complexity, many nonprofit programs have had to move quickly to transition their programs online due to social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders. Many of these organizations have seen a decrease in funding and volunteer support — yet they still work diligently to make sure their organizations reach their communities in transformative ways.

Amidst all this, nonprofits are also continuing their normal operations. The needs of the underserved don’t disappear during a global pandemic — if anything, the strain on our communities has amplified the needs, creating a unique opportunity for nonprofit leaders to generously share their passion and talents.

The nonprofit CEO dedicated to feeding the hungry in her community is working overtime to make sure everyone in the neighborhood has a mask. The volunteers who give their time and talents to provide after school programming in underserved neighborhoods are working tirelessly to take their operations online, all the while making sure these students’ families can access remote learning. The free clinic director isn’t just balancing routine visits for patients with chronic health concerns, but fighting for increased COVID-19 testing.

As a result of this ongoing service, people are finally beginning to understand the important role that nonprofit organizations play: as a crucial liaison between communities and the resources necessary for them to physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially thrive.

Gratitude for Nonprofit Organizations and Their Leaders

Nonprofit organizations aren’t just the heartbeat of your neighborhood, but of humanity — and we are all better off for their selfless work.

If you work for, serve, donate to, or lead a nonprofit, accept our most profound thanks and honor for doing your part to provide much needed resources in your community, city, state, and country. Each one of us is so much better off because of the way you so generously give your time, talent, energy, and resources.

If you or a loved one has been blessed by the work of a nonprofit organization, take some time to say “thank you.” Give up your weekly Starbucks and give a monetary gift, or better yet, sign up for recurring donations — remember, even a little goes a long way. Send a kind note or email offering your appreciation; it might make someone’s day. Offer to volunteer online or within social distancing parameters. However you contribute, you’ll play a part in making our world a better place, one nonprofit organization at a time.